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Alberto Magrin

Project: The Concert

This artwork is a creative improvisation of my own vision produced by a natural need. It\'s an impromptu concert with some shells and the cork of a pen. It\'s the simple use of the nature and the artifice at the same time. The equilibrium and the harmony among the nature created by God and the object created by the man. The man becomes medium among these two opposite elements or the alternative.


Azucena Losana
Mexico / Argentina

Project: LoCo [Paparazzi III]

What's your name? - I don't have any cash – I just want to know your name... – LoCo... dialogue with LoCo. November 12 th 2008. LoCo usually adjusts his bags, uncorks his liquor and goes over conversations that he doesn't share with anybody. What from the pavement seems like nothing more than a monologue of stammers, begins to make sense in a closed circuit presence that forms not just a visual perspective but also one in which his discourse intervenes. The original function of dissuasion and detection within the device, is used to seek out one of the many frequencies that float about the streets of Buenos Aires. This is how we are temporarily able to access what “LoCo” transmits through his presence every day.


Silvia Cuenca Sanz / Belén Zahera de la Fuente

Project: Dance the Image, the virtual ball

This work starts from the previous work “Presente Continuo”. It establishes a connection between the dance and the perception of our own body image. The dance is made up of several movements which don't make sense separately but within the whole and apparently continuous perception of the dance. On the other hand, the contemporary body image is less related to any material aspect as it is becoming more and more virtual. Somehow today, we realize our own image through technology and the velocity that it involves.


Boris Eldagsen
Germany / Australia
www.spamthemusical.com, www.eldagsen.com

Project: SPAM the musical

Based on the texts of email-spam, \'SPAM the musical\' is spam turned video art. To challenge the rules of the international art circus and gain the attention of international curators and museum directors, ‘SPAM the musical’ uses the tools of web 2.0 & viral marketing and combines the strength of social media with video art, attitude with anarchy, and casting with exploitation. Once created, the videos are transformed into web-compatible flash-videos and uploaded, virus-like, onto numerous international video-platforms. Intending to create the biggest art-spam in the world, the videos ask every viewer to forward the videos to international journalists, curators, galleries and museums. All SPAM the musical emails are diligently assessed so that they don’t end up in junk mail! The videos also promote the webpage www.spamthemusical.com, offering the tools of social networking to spread the word. Bookmarking and “mail to” options keep the virus going. All major online art-platforms and newsletters are used as an address-source. In addition, SPAM the musical has offsprings on major social media websites such as facebook, myspace, friendster, skyrock, bebo, and orkut.


Bruno Strozek Studio

Project: The long night of the feverish iceberg

The long night of the feverish iceberg prj/2008/09, video_sound installation, 5 min. loop The video consists of about twenty scenes sequence of a few seconds, turn the Arctic. [These images, Found footage from the Internet, newspapers and books]. Thanks to a special procedure for drawing up the \"texture\", and an effect of digital compression of time, color and light, the material acquires the quality of a landscape painting. At first, the viewer is confused and fascinated by the pictures, and not immediately perceived as manipulation, stressing, in fact, the tragic effects of ice on land and biogeography. Exposure times extremely long emphasize the frailty of human activity. For the soundtrack, were used to the sounds of nature and fragments noise coming from the most varied situations: traffic, noise ... all electronically processed as images. In \"the long night of the feverish iceberg Prj\", the sound is not a mere accompaniment: it forms rather a level that gradually intensifies tensions in the flow of images. Fragments of sounds and melodies, combined with a rhythmic pulse, and echoes industry buzz that leads to a dramatic pace. It comes in a tension between the world of science, chemistry and sound. The work is not tied to a model of structure and traditional storytelling, the music leaves the conventions of rhythm and melody. This will create an audio-visual world that gradually drags the viewer, who perceives the belly with more than with a complex cervello.


C. Barros / Paulo R.

Project: Optical Ballet

Optical Ballet [02:55] This work intends to induce a perception of the visual language through abstract, minimalist and conceptual themes. The recycling of the visual and sonorous signs, the fragmentation and the impious dismount of their parts, the intentional repetition, allow the creation of an abstract, pulsing, hypnotic and seducing form of art. The soundtrack was composed using a mix of experimental sounds produced by turntablism and circuit-bending techniques.

Carlo Sansolo

Project: Substancialidade e metodo

The video investigates questions related to time. The engagement of the acting subject with history and his relationship to language, aesthetical theories and the kitsh language of the internet.

Carlo Sansolo

Project: Migdal Aphek

Images of French singers that try to inspire the idea of innocence and tenderness, with glamorous images who try to represent this feelings. While this sort of video was produced the cold war was going wild with many localized conflicts, spying, developing atomic and nuclear weapons.

Carlo Sansolo

Project: Panzodiamondo

This video is about contemporary life and its facilities, its beauties and lights, and the ubiquity of it. We can go from here to there in a matter of hours, where we have never being before, as everything was made out of fantasy and magic, as work and effort was not necessary, all work is removed. We stay only with the beautiful images of optimism.
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti

Project: The Installation series of Untitled  [Wishes, Lies and Dreams]

The video art project works focuses on the mechanisms of perception and dreams, the private world of the world of fantasy and unconscious, the conditions underlying the system by which mind and spirit operates. At the same time, the (in)-visibility of the structure ignites a confusion on the viewers\' perception of the work and of the space where it is placed, thus provoking and ambiguous relationship between the object, its function and its appearance, unlock a mysterious force field on the border of the truth and lie, that is able to create unexpected angles of approach which in turn force the viewer to take up a new position in the observation of the surrounding world.”

Christin Bolewski

Project: Shan-Shui-Hua

‘Shan-Shui-Hua’ is a single screen video installation. Proceeding from Chinese thought and aesthetics the traditional concept of landscape painting ‘Shan-Shui-Hua’ (mountain-water-painting) is recreated as modern video art within the new genre of the \'video painting\', which is a wall-mounted flatscreen panel. The concept of multi-perspective and the endless scroll are explored through digital filmmaking, video compositing and virtual camera, depths and particle systems. Challenging the Western preoccupation with narrative and distinct meaning the work contains no complex narration and attempts to be a meditative open art work. Chinese landscapes usually include small human figures that blend harmoniously into the vast world around them. Man and nature interact and complement each other to reach a state of balance and harmony. The ‘video scroll’ transposes this traditional relation of man and nature into a different, more contemporary Western manner: it uses the figure of the Western mountaineer equipped with special tools and protective clothing to vanquish the highest peaks in order to conquer nature rather than searching for harmonious existence, thus counterpointing Eastern and Western ideals.
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