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Ars Electronica. Linz

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Eyebeam. New York

Emma Quinn. Londres

Share. Turín

prog C. K. Viena

prog J. Krisa.Plymouth     




Art - Science - Innovation
- Technology - Society


The artificial separation between Art and Science maintained over centuries has come to an end. Transversality and hybridisation are two key terms for the design of a new form of relationship between different sectors. This situation offers all of us an enormous opportunity take advantage of the collective synergies and to participate proactively, and to interact critically with art creation and society as a whole.

In order to share, to present, to disseminate, to exhibit and exchange knowledge about experiences related to social, cultural, artistic, scientific, technological and economic change arising out of the implementation of new technologies.

Artists, institutions, universities and research centres, businesses, and technology researchers and developers are all invited to showcase their most innovative projects.    

A new structured society. Proposals will be presented and debated that will help to strengthen the relationship between sectors associated with art and new technologies. The participants in the debates will form part of the group invited to showcase their creative productions and projects