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Domingo J. González

Producer company: Domingo J. González
Producer: 79
Distribution: Digital 104

Project: 28 agosto

Last Sunday in August. For a few hours the old house is filled with life again.

Scriptwriter: Domingo J. González
Cinematography: Domingo J. González
Film Editing: Domingo J. González
Sound: Domingo J. González
Cast: María Ramos, Bruno Grosso, Inés González de Vera

tag: shortfilm

Daniel León Lacave 
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Distribution: Digtal 104

Project: Amanecer

The sun starts rising over the city. The alarm clock goes off. He gets up to go to work; she will stay in bed a little longer before going out for breakfast. Everything normal... Right?

tag: shortfilm

David Cánovas
Production: Free Run Producciones S.L.
Producers: David Cánovas, Raúl Jiménez Pastor Distribution: Digtal 104

Project: Arte

An unclassifiable artist called GIDIA is opening a photography exhibition with which she aims to go off limits.

Filmmaker: David Cánovas
Scriptwriter: David Cánovas, José Amaro Carrillo
Original music: Antonio Hernández
Cinematography: Gabriel García
Cameraman: Raúl Jiménez Pastor
Sound: René Martín
Edition: David Cánovas
Art: Carlos Manuel Rodríguez
Hairstyler: Manuela Martínez
Costume: Candelaria Rodríguez
Make up: Manuela Martínez

tag: shortfilm

David Xarach
Gran Canaria Distribución: Digtal 104 Project: Corporation earth

Gabriel, a young special agent, finds himself involved in an accident during a mission. He will end up in a dystopian future where a group of brave rebels fight to liberate the Earth from the corporation to which it is now a slave.

tag: shortfilm

Arie Socorro
Ciudad de México

Distribution: Digital 104

Project: Déjala ir

In an act of jealousy, David hits his young bride demanding to know who's the guy calling over the phone on their wedding night. Little does he know that his wife hides a secret so dark and dangerous that once it's out nothing can ever be the same again.

tag: shortfilm

Zac73dragon.  Jose Víctor Fuentes, 
Distribución: Digital 104 Project: Desayuno con pastillas

Mamá y papá llevan toda una vida desayunando juntos, cada mañana, primavera, verano, otoño, invierno, primavera…, pero ahora tienen unos nuevos huéspedes que atender. English: Mom and Dad have been having breakfast together for a lifetime. Every morning, each spring, summer, autumn, winter, spring. Now, they have new guests.

tag: shortfilm

Octavio Daniel Rodríguez Juárez
Ciudad de México

ProductionCompany: DocsDF, UAM Xochimilco
Producers: Miguel Ángel Hernández Reyes, 
Hazel Zamora Mendieta
Distribution: Digital 104

Project: Desde Palma, a la vista del tiempo

Cultural value of time measure is explored under the view of Luis Estrada, a mexican clockmaker from Tepito hood. Luis, builder of "The spirits of time", a very unique monumental clock in Mexico City Historic Center, at the 33rd place of Palma Street, shows us a space that reveals his conception of time and life itself, hidden in the everyday life of the city.

Director: Octavio Daniel Rodríguez Juárez
Scriptwriter: Octavio Daniel Rodríguez Juárez, Miguel Ángel Hernández Reyes
Cinematography: Amanda Safa Valenzuela
Film Editing: Octavio Daniel Rodríguez Juárez, Miguel Ángel Hernández Reyes
Sound: Jorge Alberto Vital Mendoza
Cast: Luis Hernández Estrada

tag: shortfilm


Manuel Martínez Marcos

Production Company: Manuel Martínez Marcos, Ali Art Films
Producers: Manuel Martínez Marcos
Distribution: Digital 104

Project: Despierta y abre los ojos

Pedro, a police inspector, has to face the most difficult case in his career. His own daughter being the epicenter of it all. He finds himself between the sword and a hard place. Throughout his career, he has been an honest and exemplary police officer, but now following the established legal procedure and right legal channels, will not ensure the success of his mission, which is no other than to save his daughter from the claws of a violent boyfriend.

Director: Manuel Martínez Marcos
Scriptwriter: Manuel Martínez Marcos
Cinematography: Manuel Galipienso
Film Editing: Manuel Galipienso
Sound: Adriá Sempere
Makeup artist: Noelia Espinós
Costume designer: Lorena Lasserre
Cast: Oliva Barrio, Álvaro Sánchez, Fele Pastor, Emma Caballero

tag: shortfilm


Sonia Méndez

Production Company: Sonia Méndez
Producer: Nati Juncal
Distribution: Digital 104

Project: Ei guapa!

A woman is walking on the street. A man chases her.

Scriptwriter: Sonia Méndez Empresa
Cinematography: Lucía Catoira
Film Editing: Sonia Méndez
Sound: Alberto Blanco
Cast: Sonia Méndez, Alberto Rolán

tag: shortfilm


Toni Sánchez

Producer: Rafa
Distribución: Digital 104

Project: Invierno

Irene goes out to meet Javier, her ex boyfriend, to tell him something that will signify a goodbye for good.

Scripwriter: Toni Sánchez
Cast: Candela Moreno, Juan Penalva, Noha El Mokhtar, Nuria Hierro

tag: shortfilm


David F Vega

Production Company: Tuk Tuk Films
Producer: David F Vega

Distribution: Digital 104

Project: La caja de tu vida

In a dystopian future, the TV show "The box of your life" has become a media phenomenon daily followed by millions of viewers. Leading the contest is Toni, an unscrupulous showman able to do anything to please his dehumanized audience. Mary, a middle age mother, goes to the contest hoping to win the grand prize to improve his poor personal situation.

Scriptwriter: David F Vega
Cinematography: Francesco Tavolaro
Music: Carlos S Espinosa
Sound: Carlos S espinosa
Makeup artist: Javier Ronco
Hairstyler: Ivan & Vienen
Costume designer: Laura Sopa
Cast: Cuca Escribano, Antonio Valero

tag: shortfilm


David Ferreira
Ciudad de México

Production Company: La Casa Murmura
Producer: Emmanuel Boylan Abrego
Distribution: Digital 104

Project: La rodada de Patachín

The Patachín is homeless by choice; living on the streets of Venezuela, in a small tent made with a sheet. A while ago, lost his leg in an accident and since then, he used the bicycle as a vehicle to maintain their lifestyle, doing errands that prompts people.

Scriptwriter: David Ferreira
Cinematography: Ivan José
Film Editing: Roberto Clynes
Sound: Jorge Hernández
Cast: Patachín

tag: shortfilm


Iván López

Producer: Rafa
Distribution: Digital 104

Project: Náufragos

Behind the old walls of a house, the incessant dripping of a faucet will flood the fragile thread of the life of two elders. Shipwrecked is an unquestionable recreation of the poetics of loneliness.

tag: shortfilm


Sergi González

Production Company: Dionisia Films, S.L.
Producer: Sergi González
Distribution: Digital 104

Project: Ni dos

Juanma has been two-time champion of the world, two-time champion of Europe and nine times champion of Spain of tricycle. Juanma was born, as he itself says, with a small disability called cerebral paralysis...

Scriptwriter: Juanma Broch, Sergi González
Cinematography: Héctor Martín de las Heras
Music: Blasta Squad, Juanjo Hernández
Film Editing: Sergi González
Sound: Microtono
Cast: Juanma Broch, Marco Pérez

tag: shortfilm


Domingo de Luis

Productor: Rafa
Distribution: Digital 104

Project: Pop off

A world-famous film director holds an audition in a small Italian town for his next film. Resorting to the collective imagination, he looks into the relation that the townspeople have with cinema. What begins as an exercise in metacinema, soon turns into a fiction story of which Popoff, its hero, dreams about being part of.

tag: shortfilm


Vasni J. Ramos

Producer: Rafa
Distribution: Digital 104

Project: Redemption

What sense does it make to be a hero if you cannot save the one you love? Redemption only becomes possible when everything is lost and you have fallen into despair. When there is no hope left, no way out, the nature of a hero comes out and grants him the most valued gift: self-forgiveness.

tag: shortfilm