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Convocatoria Internacional 2017
Yeah Ji Park
Ansan. Corea

Proyecto: Mysterious picture

A short adventure and mytery story.

tag: videoart

Pau Pascual
Funchal. Portugal

Proyecto: AUH2631z

La trascendencia de un fragmento de la memoria individual, a través de la arquitectura, soledad, tiempo, vacío y familia.

tag: videoart

Pilar Rosado
Barcelona. España

Proyecto: Cuando paseo mis ojos descalzos por la arena, me siento más cerca de ti

En la imagen digital de un retrato los píxeles están ordenados de una forma concreta configurando un rostro, pero pueden ser manipulados de forma diferencial en función de su color y luminosidad. Si desplazamos, mediante un algoritmo informático, únicamente los píxeles más brillantes que configuran el retrato, ¿la imagen sigue siendo un rostro? Si la inclinamos sobre la horizontal y separamos los píxeles, ¿puede aparecer un paisaje? ¿Cuál es la distancia mínima necesaria para que un rostro configure un paisaje? ¿Cuál es la distancia entre una boca y una duna? ¿En qué momento exacto se traspasa la línea que separa sus significados?

La matriz de píxeles se convierte en un tablero de juego en el que la realidad deja su rastro y nosotros podemos jugar a recrearla. La imagen digital atesora los patrones que construyen los conceptos que conocemos y al mismo tiempo contiene el potencial del cambio, de la transformación. La imagen numérica contiene el secreto de los aspectos latentes escondidos dentro de las formas.

Este proyecto se desarrolla como artista residente en Roca Umbert fábrica de las artes de Granollers (Barcelona)

tag: videoart

Pim Zwier
Amsterdam. Holanda

Distribution: Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam

Proyecto: Three dimensions of time

Three moments in time are captured in three layers of coloured imagery shown simultaneously. Combined, the layers form normal full-colour images of the elements which persist through time.

Simultaneously transitory elements – animals, people, machines – move through these scenes in single colours, leaving only a brief trace, as if they memories or ghosts who have left behind their past, present or future. Some people have lived for so long that they become as stable as their surroundings. With dignity they become stereotypes of themselves, representatives of traditions which are as much a part of the landscape as the buildings. Three Dimensions of Time is inspired by the photography of Sergey Prokudin-Gorskii and was filmed in Kansk, Siberia.

Team: DOP - Vladimir Usoltsev
Sound - Anton Kuryshev
Director/editor - Pim Zwier

tag: videoart

Pim Zwier
Amsterdam. Holanda

Proyecto: Sea Factory

Since part of the Baltic fleet moved away most of Kronstadt is no longer a closed military city. With the renewed cathedral as the centrepiece, the city revises its own destination to fill the void that was left behind. The photographic process of colour separation used in the film emphasises the city's current state between past and future: the heroic turbulent history, changing of ideologies, and growing tourism.

Sea Factory is the second film in a series of works inspired by the photography of Sergey Prokudin-Gorskii and was created during the NCCA artist in residence in Kronstadt.

tag: videoart

Rrose Present
Barcelona. España

Proyecto: RESET me

Reset me; a ropa sucia se lava en casa.; Todos necesitamos limpiar fantasmas del presente, pasado o futuro y a veces solo podemos acceder al ritual domestico de limpiar la ropa. Acto cotidiano que aquí se transforma en una experiencia abstracta estético-hipnótica con el ruido de los pensamientos para realizar una katarsis que limpie el espíritu y el cuerpo del ruido de la razón...de los miedos... (sonido y imagen extridas de una sola filmación de mi lavadora)

tag: videoart

Salvatore Insana

Proyecto: CROCEVIA 


tag: videoart


Samy Sfoggia
Porto Alegre. Brasil

Proyecto: Aféfé Ikú

Surrealist video art movie

tag: videoart


Silvia de Gennaro
Roma. Italia

Proyecto: Travel Notebooks: Kardzhali, Bulgaria

Like grass taking back its territory, sacred and profane infiltrate between the cracks of the gray soviet walls. The splendour of an ancient time shines in the darkness of magic. A slow and silent counterrevolution, which has colour as a weapon and realism as an enemy.

Kardzhali is part of a series of works titled Travel Notebooks.

Using details from a photo reportage, I created some digital collages that reassemble the shape of cities places as they are formed in my imagination. The details are notes on a traveler pad as fragments surviving in the memory. The animation tries to give back not only lived impressions and influences, but also the points of view of the traveler’s eye, who now focuses on a particular, now on another one, zooming in and zooming out, in a way where perspective is not given by scientific rules, but by emotion felt while observing and discovering.

tag: videoart


Simone Stoll
Frankfurt / Main


Proyecto: The Sacred Space

'Erase those self-imposed concerns and the resentments, angers, lies…' are the introductory words to the video reflecting on an increasingly egocentric society. The video combines two kinds of landscapes, one seems to come from the past –ocean and beach- and the other from the present -brook in a forest-, they are linked by water. We all hold memories deeply inside us, memories of certain periods in our life but also of landscapes. Most of us carry the one landscape inside which is constantly present in our minds, a landscape that stands for home. The images on the beach show a big wheel and a woman strolling along; they seem to be moments from the past. Nowadays the understanding of time follows the rules of productivity rather than life as such. There are only a few places left that have not been destroyed or transformed by man, few places without artificial noise, electrical light spills, few places for a person to listen, to let the mind wander. June Singer sees the 'sacred space' as the source to human being. Sacred Space speaks in a poetic way of reminiscence and the transience of life; life a fleeting moment of memories left behind.

tag: videoart


Tanya Kovaleva
Estambul. Turquía

Produce company: Tangible movies

Proyecto: The Cradle

The Cradle cinematic VR is a tragicomedy of absurd re-creating the very moment when a baby sees itself in a mirror. That moment gives the first and the most powerful experience of self-representation. The action takes place in surrealistic eastern cityscape filled by uncompleted portraits of citizens. There is a cradle with baby in the center of the scene. Parents stay at the cradle, trying to guess: Whom does baby look like? Mom says: He looks like me! Dad says: No, he takes after me! Aunt says: No, he looks like his Aunt! Uncle says: He is dead ringer of his Uncle! Simultaneously, a magic mirror on the scene is telling the truth. And instead of self-reflection the baby sees fragmented face, a cloud of images-ideas. Finally, it is impossible to identify anybody in a mirror reflection. This time, parents stop recognizing a baby. In place of their child they see some stranger, impostor, whom they are trying to kick away. This time, the viewer (spectator) transforms from the witness to the culprit. At the end of the play the viewer is not passive observer, but the main character of event. Placed in a cradle, he lastly becomes a baby who didn't take after anybody. The Cradle cinematic VR is a portrait of personality which will remain forever unfinished.

VR 360 degree video / Monoscopic 3240 X 2160 HD AAC STEREO sound

Director y Guión: Tanya Kovaleva
Cámara: Serden Salman Sound - Eli Haligua
Música samples: Bilge Kosebalaban
Reparto: Mom - Derya Günaydn
Aunt _ Zinnure Türe
Dad _ Hakan Emre Ünal
Uncle - Can Güvenc

tag: videoart

Teresa Leung
Hong Kong. Hong Kong

Proyecto: Three episodes of urban hiccups: Jump, walk, kick

A flashing light outside an apartment nobody fixed, sporadic bus services, ice on pedestrians not melted three weeks after a snowy day: How would you deal with urban hiccups? I documented my responses to these experiences during my artist-in-residence in Yerevan, Armenia. Let me know how you deal with hiccups in your city.

tag: videoart


William Doty
Madison. WI. USA

Proyecto: Navigating the Contemporary Media Environment, or Basement Creepin

Navigating the Contemporary Media Environment, or Basement Creepin’ is assembled from clips of the Dario Argento film, “Phenomena”, and the song “Blood Creepin” by experimental hip-hop group Death Grips. The music and the images are constantly glitching out and smoothing into one another to increase panic, disorientation, and trauma. By combining the intense music, horrifying images, and “mood box”, “Navigating” captures the visceral emotions of the information age while simultaneously paying tribute to horror video games.

Featured in 89th Annual Student Art Show at University of Wisconsin-Madison in early 2017.


Yoon Young Yeon
Seúl. Corea del Sur

Proyecto: Daily diaries

I;ve produced a daily video diary, and Ive filmed one or two videos a day, and Ive made a video of it, like a diary.


tag: videoart

Zlatko Cosic
St. Louis. USA

Proyecto: ST. LOUIS SPIN (Trumpo Mix)

Abstract explorations of society. 
The protest was filmed outside the Donald Trump rally, St. Louis, Missouri, March 11, 2016. 


tag: videoart