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Convocatoria Internacional 2017
Rick Niebe
Livorno. Italia

Proyecto: K

Variations on a teleplay theme song [Based on a musical work by Philip Tagg, K is a derivative post-Pop manipulaton of a mediatic object.

An exploration of the formal possibilities of the audio-visual language that- reconfiguring "high" and "low" cultural references- aims to be an enquiry into the language and its cliches ]
Materials from:
"Kojak Theme Commutations" by Philip Tagg (1990): arrangements of the original theme tune by Billy Goldenberg (1973)
Kojak series episodes (1973-1978)
Additional images by: Romero Britto; Ron English; Andreas Gursky; Roy Lichtenstein; Takashi Murakami; Davide Nido; Andy Warhol; Jonas Wood

tag: shortfilm

Muriel Montini
París. Francia

Proyecto: Mycènes Mycenea

A woman seems to be watching a film set.
But everything disappears.
Only a landscape remains with floating voices. Is it the past ? Are they ghosts?

tag: shortfilm


Marta González
Lleida. España

Producción: Joel Roure, Marta González

Proyecto: MAI

Sucs, año 2017. Carmeta, Mari y Pilar son tres señoras que cada día pasan la tarde en el banco de la esquina. La llegada de una misteriosa pareja de chicas al pueblo se convierte en el tema principal de conversación entre las tres amigas.

Guión y Dirección: Marta González
Música: Daniel Ruiz
Fotografía: Cristóbal Franco
Reparto: Marisol Lavín, Franses de Dios

tag: shortfilm

Rui C


Proyecto: Aco


tag: shortfilm

Sofía Matus Cancino & Khalid Imran
Mexico /  Bangladesh

Proyecto: Hypomnema

This video is part of the Hypomnemas from Melancholy Memory project, a series of 4 collaborative videos which explores the relationship between sound and image within a multicultural context. The music track was composed from a memory, to be translated into a visual form. The project was build in long-distance sessions between the music composer (Sofía Matus) and the video artist (Khalid Imran).

tag: shortfilm

Soojin Lee
Seúl. República de Corea

Proyecto: Who are u?

In todays world, everything is competitive; thus, people tend to easily forget about their identity and become unaware of how important it is to discern themselves from others. In this sense, this video is made to encourage the value of self-reflection of people, which, I believe, would better our society and heal the social ills.

tag: shortfilm

Valeria Lo Meo & Michele Manzini
Verona / Ciudad del cabo. Italia / Sudáfrica
Produce: Bottega di Fotografia ply (LTD), Cape Town    

Proyecto: Moving Afrika

The word reality is always used in an intimidating way.                              We must constantly be worried about “reality”, we must obey “reality” as a kind of constant enslavement without exceptions. We live crushed by the dominating opinion that there exist elements of reality that are binding and conditioning, and that they are so to the point that we cannot imagine even just a small form of action group action that is untouched by this coercion. And so then, does an eventual answer to the question “what is reality?” always have to verify that we cannot speak of “reality” unless we take into account some form of imposition? Is then the image that “reality” gives us never found, discovered, or met, but is simply the reflection of an injunction? Is it then necessary to accept, as though it were one of reason’s laws, that reality demands, in all cases, submission rather than invention?
To work with the expressive form of a documentary means rethinking the idea of describing reality and redefining its structure and the limits, and it also means doing so in a place where the imagery and weight of that reality seems most strong and binding, as in  the South African townships. This is an act that might confirm the existence of impossibility, because this is the basic gesture for conquering reality: to state that the impossible exists.

tag: shortfilm

Waghela Tushar
Durg. India

Produce: Tushar Waghela Productions

Proyecto: See you in The Future

What is Time, Is this present moment or Past or future? This present moment is not a part of Time; our Future exists only in imagination and past in memories.

In this present moment I’m planning and thinking of my future, all the time I have been doing this, I lives only in the Future.

tag: shortfilm

Yoon JI Choi
Seúl. Corea
Distribution: Seoul Womens Univesity

Proyecto: Over the scene

We usually consider paper as drawing material.
In my video, performer compose scene by ripping paper.

tag: shortfilm

Yu - Ryeom Jung
Seúl. Corea
Produce company: U-ryeomi


Proyecto: Untitled

On going to back and forth with my deep afterimages,  I expressed the futility to a constrained reality.
The composition of the work flows from the unconscious to the conscious world.
In other words, It goes away and returns to reality.
In order to communicate the contrast strongly, I expressed it as a person who is in a coma state on a rainy black and white screen.
I have treated the unconscious world without a context as an expression of automatic technology that does not follow the story composition.
I wanted to express an infinite dimension of unconsciousness by using various techniques.

tag: shortfilm

Zlatko Cosic and  Rachel Cosic
St. Louis. USA


Proyecto: Even The Birds Know It

St. Louis birds share their views about the environment and the sociopolitical climate. 

tag: shortfilm

Patricio Ballesteros Ledesma
Buenos Aires.  Argentina

Proyecto: Sugestión

Ella apagó el televisor y se fue a leer un libro maravilloso a la sombra de un árbol en el bosque. 


tag: shortfilm