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International Calls 2017
Sandrine Deumier

Project: Affordable dreams

Through the apparent variety of cybernetic bodies, the seriesAffordable Dreams present fictional variations of state of consciousness. In this dehumanized dream world, connected or/ and augmented bodies stretch out in remained desirous objects to turn out to be just the reflection of their own affective machines. This reflection is perhaps none than an other state of human being.

tag: 2D &3D

Henry Gwiazda
Pacific Palisades. CA. USA

Project: R

Knowing things makes me feel good.


tag: 2D &3D

Paul Wiersbinski
Berlin. Germany

Project: Fly high or I fly above you

ince the age of alchemy there is a constant pattern in history: Monsters appear in between the gaps of the social world and the realm of nature. It is this abyss, which yields them. In our time this divide is our relationship to the apparatuses we constructed and which autonomy we cannot fully grasp anymore.

A tale of Kate and her revenge or two drones, who carry a sculpture and a costume. A showcase of a choreographie for a flog of pigs or text on the ceiling. Talk of destruction and emptiness or the future.

tag: 2D &3D

Sandra Criso
London. UK

Project: Remote city [skygardens_towers]

The camera pans through elevated levels of a fragmented and futuristic city featuring sky gardens, and empty high-rise towers that humans appear to have left behind.
Hybrid ‘architectural models are textured with borrowed/ downloaded visuals and smart-phone-camera stills, embedded into their multi-faceted surfaces. Whilst online maps of real-world city locations are used as templates to create 3d structures.
The film was originally inspired by a journalism article ‘Ghost Towers’ critical of the numerous unoccupied luxury high-rise towers in the city (London) whilst at ground level housing is in great need.

tag: 2D &3D

Teresa Tomás
Valencia. Spain

Project: Negrita en Cuatro Cuartetos

Negrita en Cuatro cuartetos forma parte de un sistema de videos incluido en el videojuego Tipos diferentes. Esta animación explora el pasado de una escultura-avatar cuyo tiempo se despliega en el poema Cuatro cuartetos de T.S. Eliot. La autora reinterpreta sus esculturas del pasado como estrategia para interactuar con la poética del tiempo. Al igual que la maquinaria de un reloj gira marcando las horas, la cabeza de Negrita invierte el sentido de las saetas para desplazarse a lo que ha sido. La contraforma de un claustro se alterna con el signo de almohadilla del pensamiento, la protagonista recorre meditativa los cuatro caminos de su planta cuadrada. Negrita exhorta a su imagen reflejada en el rojo de las rosas.

Bucea en lo que pudo haber sido. La abstracción de los jardines gira menos cuarenta y cinco grados transformándose en el reflejo de los tejados de Edificio espacial (Teresa Tomás, 1991). Cuadrados en rombos, Entre ajo y zafiro. Bajando una escalera, Negrita se sumerge en la escultura del pasado. Nada de vuelta entre los patos inversos del estanque. Subiendo la escalera se enfrenta a su identidad tipográfica. A través del espejo accede al pasillo donde el cuadrado rojo manifiesta su naturaleza papirofléxica, la posibilidad perpetua de plegarse y desplegarse en el espacio y el tiempo. ¿Quién te lo dice? (Teresa Tomás, 1989) será la llave.

Música: Neko

tag: 2D &3D

Tivon Rice
Den Haag. Netherlands

Project: Concrete Grounds

This project proposes the creative mapping of urban spaces while addressing the many ways images, language, and data describe our built environments. It represents a synthesis of three emerging technologies that I have built critical relationships with, through research, workshops, and interdisciplinary collaboration – Photogrammetry, Machine Learning, and VR.

With Concrete Grounds I combine these three emerging technologies around a research project that focuses on mapping spaces and data in Seattle, Washington – a city that is experiencing rapid socio-economic, technological, and visual change. The artwork resulting from this research is a series of short VR films which explore sites around Seattle and generate dialogues using Machine Intelligences trained on local datasets.

tag: 2D &3D