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International Calls 2017

Alexei Dmitriev 
Saint Petersburg. Russia

Project: The Sadness Will Not Last Forever

The most beautiful paintings are those which you dream about when you lie in bed smoking a pipe, but which you never paint.

tag: shortfilm

Antenor Ferreira & Katherine Alexandrite

Project: Division

Division (2016) is a conceptual work of video art that proposes to reflect on a kind of separation between mind and body in relation to the use of technology. Moreover, to consider the ways in which the technology can relate to the mind but affect the body or the bodies that make use of it or discover themselves in its inner. In this way, the images used have made this separation visible, with an intention to manifest as subtle complexities that an interaction between body and technology seems to suggest. The actual images are articulated to the punctuations and sonorities proposed by the music, especially in the way they reverberate over and ripple through the bodies (without at least we realize this daily fact). This visual music piece displays the result of a collaborative work between a Californian visual artist Katherine Alexandrite and the Brazilian musician Antenor Ferreira.

tag: shortfilm

Carl Knickerbocker

Project: Night Periscope

Collage of images and voices from the Periscope video sharing app.

tag: shortfilm

Diego Bonilla
Sacramento. USA

Project: Accidental Occurrence

The experimentation we pursue with Accidental Occurrence is based on developing a program that is able to edit a film in endless ways while holding a storyline. When Accidental Occurrence is watched once, the editing of the piece seems normal, and the choice of not having a dialogue seems odd, not very well suited. When different versions of the film are watched, the experience acquires a different aesthetic; the fluidity in the construction of the film starts becoming a feature.

As a film with different beginnings, different endings, and variable length, Accidental Occurrence tells the story of 2 lives converging. Enter Maxi and Hal, two men who lead very different lives. Maxi is a young man who has been living on the edge, he's just beginning his life of crime and he's not very good at it. Harold, on the other hand, is a happily retired man who lives with his daughter in the outskirts of the crime-ridden city. Accidental Occurrence explores the trajectory of time in accidents. It looks at the series of events that merge and fuse two lives in a single moment of time.

tag: shortfilm

Henning Marxen
Hamburg, Germany. Actually Bangkok, Thailand. 

Project: Crossvision

Modern philosophy deems it impossible for man to ever achieve an objective grasp of reality. So, in today’s popular culture, TV and social media all focus lies on comparing the individual perceptions of shared experiences. Sometimes, however, a reminder is needed that even the impressions we can agree upon are deeply subjective and specific to the human race.
The video sequences of the Crossvision project are just as true or false as any conventional video would be. However, by rearranging the dimensional planes they no longer simulate the human sensory perception.

tag: shortfilm

Jessica Moroni
Barcelona. Spain

Project: Mátritamáh

La intención de este vídeo es la de pararnos a pensar sobre un carácter determinante de la naturaleza y humano, que es la repetición. La sucesión de los ciclos, de las estaciones, de la vida y de la muerte, del día y la noche, entre otros, han marcado el ritmo de la existencia desde los principios del universo. La humanidad se ha hecho consciente de ello y ha creado el concepto de tiempo para ordenar su entorno y organizar sus actividades. Generando esta estructura, nombrando cada fase de la vida, hemos conceptualizado la ciclicidad natural y contribuido a su afirmación. Cada fase de la existencia tiene un nombre.

Las religiones confirman que desde un principio hemos percibido la ciclicidad de la naturaleza como un acto mágico fuera del alcance de la razón y de nuestras intenciones, y a la que podemos acceder solo a través de la intuición, la devoción y el creer. La ritualidad es una exteriorización de nuestra forma más esencial y una reproducción del vínculo con la naturaleza y de aquello que acontece por sí solo, generado por las fuerzas intrínsecas de la creación.

Todo esto es parte de nuestro equipaje, aunque ya no lo parezca somos seres naturales y la ciclicidad es parte de nosotros.

Este trabajo es sobre la ciclicidad por la que transitamos y sobre la propensión innata que tenemos hacia la repetición, ya sea en forma de actos mágicos y rituales o en forma de hábitos: la repetición es a la vez un acto sagrado y ritual, y al mismo tiempo una reiteración de errores, un bucle de las equivocaciones.

Esta última reflexión me ha acompañado durante el desarrollo del trabajo de tal manera que en la edición del video he intentado romper con mis estructuras narrativas, generando una secuencia de imágenes que no tienen un comienzo ni un fin, una estructura que recuerda los sueños.

tag: shortfilm

Ju Shawna
Seoul. Korea

Project: Snow white

Short film from Korea.

tag: shortfilm

Kevork Aslanyan
Sofia, Bulgaria  

Project: Sofia, Bulgaria

Peter Dimitrov, a graduated orchestra conductor, working in the field of selling and restoring pianos and grand pianos, believes that someday will become a well known conductor.

tag: shortfilm

Han na Kim
Seoul. Korea    

Project: #communicaution

Communications, is the most important and positive words.
But, for someone who does not want this burden is better communication is better go and think it might be violence will be working.
This feeling of unease and to pass on to watch the depressed feelings to position the device.
For example, in the middle of the large Insert sound of water, exposing a long time when the anonymity of depressed and can inspire deep I expressed this way.

Lee Sang; Korean artists of the Five Senses of Eros in the event quoted in the image. Quoting a poem because anonymity was the father of my image and see eye to eye, depression and inhumane characteristics.

tag: shortfilm

Marcia Beatriz Granero
São Paulo. Brazil    

Project: Minada

Jaque Jolene makes a secret visit to unravel the cultural mystery contained in the unfinished modern architecture of the 1970s. Minada was the last document before the closing of the Paço das Artes de São Paulo(Brazil) activities in that space. After more than 20 years, space is now a vaccine industry. A traliler of a movie that does not exist!

tag: shortfilm

Marko Schiefelbein 
Berlin. Germany

Project: The archtype project

The archtype project, re-stages a situation from a „Marlboro Maybe“ billboard advertisement which was part of a campaign that specifically targets youth from the so-called Generation Y and Z. It portraits a protagonist who is unable to enter the stage due to stage fright. The second character, whose role is loosely based on the Marlboro Cowboy, uses the spotlight to reckon with the shortcomings of the „Generation Maybe“ and its urbanity. In his ongoing and analytic monologue he manages to manifest himself by partly using phrases from Marlboro advertisements as well as phrases from psychoanalytic portraits about the Marlboro Cowboy that were transferred into spoken text.

The work examines how the advertising industry generates consumption desires through continuous re-production of inferiority complexes.
It showcases how these complexes that are programmed in ads from the 60/70s are imprinted into the (self-)perception of following generations (here Generation Y).

tag: shortfilm


Minji Jeong
Seoul. Republic of Korea

Project: A Day Between A day

A Day Between A day

tag: videoart