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Convocatoria internacional 2016

Loo, Virge and Saarmets, Sander

Proyecto: SAH SAH

SAH SAH is exploring ideas about our connectedness with environments by looking at sound as a phenomena that is able to shape our nature in a longer period of time. The title derives from an Estonian word "sahin" which describes the sound of rustling tree leaves. This inspiring natural phenomena is the core of a personal sound memory and is related to artist's cultural background. This video gives a peek into a Nordic mindset and investigates if and how a geocultural phenomena could be universally perceived. By visualising the characteristics of sound in a still image and using these painted images to set the sound in motion again – create a circle of transitions. Video sound design by Sander Saarmets. Technical dates Video: Virge Loo & Sander Saarmets Sound: Sander Saarmets Technical requirements for its showing:

tag: videoart


Samy Sfoggiaa
Porto Alegre / RS. Brasil

Proyecto: Drømmer om Skov

Sam´s dreaming about the forest


tag: videoart

Silvia De Gennaro
Roma. Italia

Proyecto: Travel Notebooks: Prague, Czech Republic

"Prague: a door between the earthly and unearthly." Prague is part of a series of works titled Travel Notebooks In this project the videos are like carillons and puzzles, that try to show the essence of a town in its manifold aspects and its motion. At the same time, they want to describe the emotional and cognitive process that takes place in the traveller mind. Using details from a photo reportage, I created some digital collages that reassemble the shape of city's places as they are fixed in my imagination. The details are notes on a traveller pad as fragments surviving in the memory. The animation tries to give back not only lived impressions and influences, but also the points of view of the traveller's eye, who now focuses on a particular, now on another one, zooming in and zooming out simultaneously, in a way where perspective is not given by scientific rules, but by emotion felt while observing and discovering.

tag: videoart


Stephen Hilyard

Proyecto: Waterfall

Waterfall presents the viewer with a single static shot of a majestic waterfall. Over the course of the piece a number of diminutive figures walk slowly into the shot on the gravel bar at the bottom of the falls. They have come to pay their respects to the waterfall, we might call them pilgrims - we might call them tourists. Their slow-motion performances appear to be a mixture of the comedic and the devout. The subject of Waterfall is the tension between the fascination for the profound which brought them here and their inability to grasp it once they have arrived. This manifests itself in apparently bemused wanderings, in the deployment of cameras and in the unconscious repetition of certain cultural tropes. In particular the pilgrims assume an arms spread posture of crucifixion in order to have their photograph taken in front of the waterfall. These tropes are what interest me most – the fact that they have become clichés marks them out as evidence of the impulse towards the sublime that we all share. The fact that we consider them kitsch or silly speaks to the inevitable failure of any attempt to capture or express the sublime. For me the key quality of the sublime is that it has never been captured or explained, perhaps it has never even truly been experienced, and yet we return again and again to places like this waterfall in the belief that it is there for us. We often fall back on past forms in our attempts, the clichés that result are often labeled "kitsch". For me they are markers of a doomed yearning for the profound that is both tragic and poignant. The fact that we continue to return in the face of repeated failure is heroic. The central figure who stands in motionless contemplation amongst the comings and goings of the other tourists appears pathetic, and yet she is also a true hero in her stubborn devotion to the waterfall. She can't help but be an heir to a belief in the wilderness handed down to us all by the romantics. Waterfall deliberately quotes from this history of the romanticized wilderness. The imagery of the waterfall has been manipulated to present an ideal of the concept "waterfall" rather than a specific location. The sound track for the piece is constructed from various sections of romantic classical music performed by ten year old boys during their piano lessons. Their performances are both vibrant and flawed, they evoke the struggle (and maybe the delusions) we all share in our attempts to grasp the profound.

tag: videoart


Sun, PrOphecy
Vancouver. Canadá

Proyecto: Objects Wrapped in Dreams Wrapped in Objects

PrOphecy sun, Objects Wrapped in Dreams Wrapped in Objects, 2015. Synchronized 3-channel video and sound installation. iPhone film transferred to HD video, 07:55 minute, loops. iPhone environmental sounds transferred to line 6 pedal with the addition of processed voice, delay and loop. prOphecy sun's interdisciplinary performance practice threads together both conscious and unconscious choreographies, sound, and environment, to create exploratory works that invoke deep body memory and draw from an interior landscape of dreams. She interfaces with what, after theorist Jane Bennett, might be called "vibrant objects," through a variety of dance and movement traditions such as butoh, martial arts, and modern dance. Referencing recent traditions of Art Intervention, Performance Art and Land Art, as well as Object Oriented Ontology—the metaphysical movement that rejects the privileging of human existence over the that of nonhuman objects—she considers how the body responds to the agency of things in the world. The multi-channel video installation Objects Wrapped in Dreams Wrapped in Objects is drawn from her ongoing research with the weather balloon: a type of high altitude balloon that carries instruments into the troposphere to send back information about atmospheric pressure, temperature, and wind speed. Instead of releasing it into the sky, the artist engages the balloon in a strange duet, and in their temporarily shared space of experience, they negotiate between realms.

tag: videoart


Tamara Lai

Produce company THALAMUS Prod.
Distribution THALAMUS Prod.

Proyecto: Video Poem

Music. Music Composed & Performed by Emanuel Dimas De Melo Pimenta (PT) Fast Forward (NY, USA) Bruce Gremo (NY, USA) Tom Hamilton (NY, USA) Peter Zummo (NY, USA) Poems Joe Brenner (USA) Tamara LAI

tag: videoart


Tamara Lai

Proyecto: TAKEOFF

Video poem & Music Poem by Tamara LAI Music composed & performed by 1605munro aka Andrés G. Jankowski (Berlin, DE)

tag: videoart

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