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International Calls 2016

Cosic, Zlatko
St. Louis. USA

Project: Shifted

Overcoming internal chaos, opening my eyes. I am what I think. What I see I imagine. Who is the other but a reflection of myself? I run away from me, but I find myself again, the other in me.

tag: videoadance

Danie Wechsler
London. UK

Project: Unsync

Experimenting with multiple stacks of un-synchronized layers. 2016

A single video source of a dance routine, passed through several ‘failing’ video filters,

Inserted and joined together. Resulting with the creation of a new ‘glitch’d choreography’.

tag: videodance

Gérard, Johannes Christopher
Berlin. Germany
Project: Inside-Outside 	   

The video deals about in a metaphoric way about identity in the context of inner strife, inner emigration, transition, space, time and sexuality. The concept is expressed partly by modern dance performance.

The nakedness of the dancer is a metaphor for our very own identity so as we are, not hidden and covered by clothes and symbols of status.

The video is a collaboration work of Johannes Gérard (The Hague/Netherland & Berlin, Germany) and solo dancer Hsin Ying Tsai (Tainan, Taiwan)

tag: animation

Laura Cortés Joyanes
Madrid. Spain
Project: Surco Sódico
La obra Surco Sódico es una videodanza desarrollada a partir de el concepto "cuerpo como paisaje". Interpretada por dos bailarinas de danza contemporánea juega con los elementos del agua y la arena como medio de composición y acción poética. Surco Sódico suscita paisajes que invadirán la mente del espectador en una experiencia estética y sensorial. Datos técnicos Idea, dirección artística y producción: Laura Cortés Joyanes. Edición, post-producción y ayudante de realización: Juan Vega. Sastre: Dolores Joyanes y Maribel Joyanes. Compositor: Alexandru Catona. Técnico de iluminación: Baldo Ruiz. Coreografía: Laura Cortés con la colaboración de las intérpretes. Intérpretes: Nathalie Remadi y Nadia Vigueras. Diseño de figuración, iluminación y escenografía: Laura Cortés Joyanes.

tag: tag: videoadance
YunTing Tsai 
City Taipei 

Project: Body of Knowledge

Summary In my experience, almost everyone who grows up in Asia, especially in Taiwan, is under academic pressure. There is keen competition surrounding academic performance. We are expected to go to the library, study and research, gather knowledge and obtain higher educational degrees over taking part in regular physical exercise.

Body of Knowledge can be seen as mimic ontology for this observation, or, otherwise described, a playful study through its representation in dance of the phenomenon of competitive pursuit of knowledge and its relation to the underlying principles of human experience.

The concept of Body of Knowledge draws from the interplay between the sum of immaterial and evolving human knowledge and its physical manifestations that propel human progress. These physical manifestations can be represented by the expressions of the human body. By using the body in this way we counter the utilitarian attainment of knowledge – our purpose is reflective, unnecessary. In this way my film is more than a collection of physical terms and corporal information, or a reading list of flesh and blood.

tag: videoadance

Annaelle Winand
Montreal. Canada
Project: The dance

Le Bal is developed from footage produced by an insurance company in the 1950s to praise their postwar participation in the rebuilding of my grandmother’s village in Belgium. Different technological and technical layers (the images were shot on film, broadcast on television, taped on VHS and finally converted to digital) blur the memory of a dance whose participants are unknown. Ghostly faces interweave, interlace and circle, brushing past the camera and staring at us, before disappearing in the dark.

tag: videoadance

Camille Jemelen
Montreal. Canada

Project: Fence

Three women are sunbathing in the city, standing against a fence above a soccer field. I asked them to pay attention to sound and the feeling of the air on the skin and caressing sunlight. For a few moments, a silent dialogue happens between them and the urban environment.

tag: videoadance

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