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International Calls 2016


Laura Focarazzo
Buenos Aires. Argentina

Project: "No Paradise"

How do we represent our memories? "No Paradise" invites viewers to immerse themselves in an oppressive trip. Sounds are suspended in an atmosphere outside of time where it is not possible to establish if events have occurred or are about to happen, if we walk a path imagined or just about a vague attempt to recover what is gone. My own field recordings have been re-elaborated by the sound artist Thierry Massard for the construction of the soundtrack.

Video Art: Laura Focarazzo Sound Art: Thierry Massard

tag: videoart

Leah Muir
Berlin. Germany

Project: 8 to 8

8 to 8 is a film concept of Michael Weilacher, filmed and edited by Michael Weilacher and Leah Muir on August 28th 2016 in Berlin, Germany. The film concept is as follows: Two people with video cameras starting at the intersection of the 8 (pre-selected on a map of any city) proceed to move in opposite directions of the drawn out 8 until each has completed the entire route of the 8. Film anything, but definitely film street signs and long shots of the streets as well as intersections from a wide-angle perspective. Zooming is not allowed, but deliberate zooming, moving away or towards an object, is allowed. No shot should be more than one minute in length. Aesthetic criteria is to be valued above documentation. The final film length can be between twelve and thirty-two minutes. This film was made in collaboration with one another and the sound design by Leah Muir was highly informed by Michael Weilacher's drum improvisations.

tag: videoart

Leyla Artesi Rodriguez 
Hamburg. Germany

Project: Optimistic Cover

production countries: production countries: argentina, brazil , china, germany, spain, turkey, uruguay and UK In this short movie, we discover by proxy the different layers of enlightenment, unravelling the presence of a magical promise, which is untouched by the passing of time.

tag: videoart


Louise Harris
Glasgow. UK

Project: Pletten/plexus

pletten: squash, crush, flatten. plexus: braid, interweave, entwine. pletten and plexus are two companion audiovisual works that are intended for playback on two opposite walls of a dark, square space but can also be exhibited side by side. The works are a continuing exploration of simultaneous compositional process and the development of complementary sonic and visual forms on a micro- and macro-structural level. Ideally, the two screens should be displayed opposite one another, with the audience situated in the centre of the two, allowing them to engage with the sonic and visual structures being formed in a variety of ways, both within the work itself and in the way the work behaves in a confined space.

tag: videoart


Maia Navas
Corrientes. Argentina

Project: Geografía Íntimas

Pieza audiovisual donde palabras, imágenes y sonidos se articulan de formando una atmósfera de misterio poético. Breves instantáneas de un lugar con fuerte presencia de la naturaleza y videos extraídos de lo que Google Earth muestra del paisaje sobre el cual se está pensando. De esta forma lo visible y lo decible aparecen desfasados, la imagen y la significación tienen recorridos paralelos, donde solo en momentos se encuentran en torno a la temática de la casa, como intimidad anclada al cuerpo y a un tiempo.

tag: videoart


Maniello Donato
Canosa di Puglia. Italy

Project: Time Lock

Timelock is a video created on a reflection based on one of the greatest writings of Marcel Proust "In Search of Lost Time. " A subsidiary question of ambition and philosophical literary work: It 's possible to guess what the time is made to try to escape from it? An attempt is always a reason to escape the running time, but often we remain trapped, locked. Measure things to get them under control, the time is no exception to this rule. The metronome is thus a key to interpret the time and re-create it artificially in a sequence represented by the same succession of metronomes and their sounds that follow one another in sequential order with a hypnotic rhythm. The apparent chaos of sounds provides a hope: seeking refuge in the depths of our mind to escape from the intrusiveness of the sound presses. You will enter into an inner world built on the contrast time lost-time regained, through involuntary memory and the sudden memory associated with it.

tag: videoart

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