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International Calls 2016


Kai Welf Hoyme

Project: Skeleton

Skeleton connects in a poetic way different utopian ideas. Its a vision of the gap between bodies, architecture, logocentrism and social imagination.

tag: videoart

Kathy Rose

Project: The Unpainted Woman

Part Fantastic Voyage, part celebration of my younger self, this is a finely crafted jewel in which I am looking for those who are not immune to splendor. Reality is both harsh and wondrous. I am trying to circumvent it all.

tag: videoart

Katina Bitsicas 
Columbia. Missouri

Project: She wanted to change the world

This film discusses the loss of a friend whose body was never recovered from the Seti River after her murder in Nepal. The video is two channels, which highlight the dual sides of the cycle of life, much like the cyclical nature of bodies of water and the ways in which they flow. This piece is a reflection on her death and the life that came before and is continuing after.

tag: videoart


Kenji Kojima
New York. USA

Project: Techno Synesthesia: Greywacke Arch

The video is one of "Project: The Sound of Archway" which are Kenji Kojima's Techno Synesthesia Art series. The project is experimenting with the relationship between sound and visual by computer technology using algorithmic composition of his programming. "Synesthesia" is the perception phenomenon that can feel a certain sense of other senses. Ordinary people cannot see sounds. We can only see a sight and listen a sound from our surroundings. He believes audio and visual are no boundaries between them. But our sensory organs catch them separately. The created music of the video is not a composer's impression, it is composed of certain visual data by the computer algorithm. Greywacke Arch is in the Central Park, New York City. There are many archways in the Park. Most of the archways are spots for street musicians. The programming might capture the sprites of music which dwelled under the arch. Technical dates Duration: 5:30. Please download the video from Vimeo. A video frame contains a huge amount of visual data. The program can not convert all the data of the video images to musical notes. Our sensibilities select instinctively appropriate data from an enormous amount of information on passing the time. The visual data are suppressed and arranged by the algorithm. The project uses comparing the brightness on the timeline. The program reads RGB color data from divided 84 grids of a video frame and compares the brightness of each grid and chooses two largest different values than a second before, then converts the color values to musical notes. You can see the binary and the positions of musical notes in white line squares on the video. The program converts the color value 120 to the middle C of the scale. Higher value added note steps on a scale. The program can set some variations by parameters. Finally, it plays midi instruments. The technical methods of the project based on Kenji Kojima's RGB MusicLab.

tag: videoart


Klaus Capra
Genova. Italy

Project: plum rain

Recollection of a season, a time, and a home in transience.

tag: videoart


Vik laschenov
Moscow. Russia

Project: One floor above sing until someone swims with dolphins

The heroes of my film work in the glass offices in business centres, in stylish cafes & co-working spaces. They are successful and wealthy, but a little unhappy. Not feeling at ease, they rush into the forest where they try to live using the habitual objects and usual behaviour. Their colleagues suppose that the demons of downshifting are to blame (for this). The demons of downshifting need to be expelled.

tag: videoart

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