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International Calls 2016


Afioco y Encarno LovexxI

Project: Nirvana

Pequeña historia que mediante sensaciones y texturas nos narra el primer amor.

Dirección: Afioco & Encarni Love xx
Realización: Afioco
Dirección creativa: Xavi García
Peluquería: Salón 44
Maquillaje: Vicent Guijarro
Música: (Las Casiotone)Adámas
Modelos: Encarni Love xx y Daniel Ruiz

tag: videoart

Agnieszka Zimolag
Amsterdam. The Netherlands

Project: Phantom Surface

The movie phantom surface reveals a body immersed in scenarios that represent different kinds of physical and non­physical disintegration and alienation in space and time, yet creating potentials for new forms of materiality to emerge and reconnect with the environment.

The protagonist’s body shifts from physical presence to its virtual counterpart and the border between the two has become blurred. At one point they exist simultaneously. The virtual figure becomes an autonomous entity itself. The body and the surfaces it interacts with become a hybrid construct—a hardware. Human skin, and habitable space, have been shattered among diffused surfaces. Cinematic shots of skin meet sublime, coveted technological objects. It is no longer clear which one feels more intimate and familiar, and which doesn’t. Together, they open up a visceral hyper­real space of identity. A space of existence to be inscribed with tensions between presence and invisibility.

Something dirty and raw becomes very unnatural and strangely detached. It needs to be seen and experienced as a surface of a nature to relate to. The only way to look at it as a screen. By showing organic scenes i want to show how corporeal this hybrid environment actually feels. The feeling of reality as if it were virtual and the feeling of virtuality as if were real exists as a thin transparent film covering our experience of the world. In the context of technology, very natural shots immediately become projections of the surreal. A post­representational world, beyond a state of the mind that searches for the real. By creating isolated and abstracted close­up footage, i want to submerge the viewer in the screen itself, and to provoke an intimate response to it as a physical membrane. In the world in which identity slips through our fingers, it is very important to find something authentic. Something to connect to.

tag: videoart

Ahmed Mohsen Mansour
El Cairo. Egipto

Project: Nylon

Prevention policy represents one of the ways use a system anywhere to prevent anyone from freedom or express anything during a period of time which may be temporary or definitive.

tag: videoart

Alain Basso 
Pringy. France

Project: Black-body radiation

Poetic movie dedicated to the light and its presence, as its polarized reflection and its vibrating imprint on diverse types of surfaces. Become center of interest of the impressionistic painting, its action draws the motives for Alexandre Rodtchenko´´ photos and shapes the forms of the images of Man Ray.

Director: Alain Basso Images: Alain Basso - Gilles Daubeuf Extras: Isabelle Villa - Paulina Fuentes Valenzuella - Sandra Roques - Violaine Philippe - Nicolas Faucard Music : Alain Basso ("Aède" / "Amor")

tag: videoart


Alessandro Bavari
Sermoneta. Italy

Project: Ludi Florales

In ancient Roman religion, the Ludi Florales was a festival in honor of the goddess Flora, held April 27 during the Republican era. In Latin, the festival was known as the Ludi Florales, the Games (ludi) of Flora. Under the Empire, the games lasted for six days.

tag: videoart


Alexander Isaenko
Odessa. Ukraine

Produce company in silico

Project: Memorial

Alive are looking up to the prints of the past. Universal measure is the measure of life. It happens over and over, every time, to find the crossing between past and present.

tag: videoart


Marcela Carvalho. Altera art collective

Project: Lines of Reflection

Lines of Reflection is an abstract interpretation of one of nature's most beautiful dynamic: the reflection over water. In this artwork Altera art collective create a secondary layer of weaving lines and grids overlaying the intricate patterns and shapes, created by this natural process. Live footage of water reflection is shown through the multilayers of lines driven by the contemporary arrangement of Italian Renaissance composer Nicola Matteis.

tag: videoart

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