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International Calls 2016

Elias Filho
Brasilia. Brazil

Project: Control-LED-Pulse

The project aims to integrate the display of LED's of different colors with control through a clamp that captures electromagnetic pulses titled MYO recently launched technology in the year 2015. With that any user with the bracelet can perform any movement control lights variable.

tag: software art

Hector Rodriguez
Hong Kong

Project: Z: Man From London

The Z system uses a mathematical framework that decomposes each movie frame (image function) by projecting it onto a set of orthogonal polynomials called the Zernike Polynomials. In this version, the source movie is The Man From London. This work can be viewed as a form of "visual mathematics" where a complex mathematical concept, that of Zernike Moments, is expressed in visual form.

Artist: Hector Rodriguez
Mathematical advisor: Felipe Cucker
Programming: Hector Rodriguez, Hugo Yeung, Philip Kretschmann

tag: software art

Luis Morales-Navarro
Shanghai, China
Project:  Tlönator   	 	 	 	 	 	   

“Tlönator” is a system that translates texts from English to Tlönized English, a version of English that like the language of Tlön attempts to be executable working in a similar way to programming languages.

In “Tlön, Uqbar Orbis Tertius”(1940), Jorge Luis Borges proposes an executable language that “is a heterogeneous series of independent acts” which reflects his idea of the fictional world of Tlön — a world that “is successive, temporal, but not spatial.” In this world, nouns are expressed through combinations and accumulations of verbs and adjectives being defined, like objects in programming, by their qualities and actions.

tag: software art

42Percent Noir
Oxford, UK and Israel
Project: Animation By Pianist 

42 PERCENT NOIR is a new live performance project consisting of two music and visual artists that have collaborated closely for a long time. The project combines acoustic piano playing with digital sound and visual art. On stage, the two sides are merged together to form a performance that explores the interesting relationship between sound, vision, and live-interaction in the modern world.

tag: software art

Ronen wolfson | Nadia Orenstein | Gil Zablodovsky
Tel Aviv. Israel
Project: STARS

In the performance we have built, the visitor enters a dark, intimate space large and communion with himself. From a point distant sound of a ship honking cycles and looking through the fog. When walking movement meets the silhouette of himself Like a shadow, but in the invert. In the everyday world, is a black shadow copy is hidden within, while the light from the background and bare. Speculative scenario insight, interior light and visible shadows and black background and empty. Inside the silhouette reveals a world of colors and alternating corpuscles moving slowly and quickly changing directions, from the silhouette out and beyond or outside the black and empty inside, breaking into the field, and suggesting the relationship between the inner and outer world. It seems silhouette wall, built surfaces placed on their sides and create a sense of depth and three-dimensional, suggest at current levels in . Walking approaching the wall will show himself a small and growing bodies inside and stay away from the wall as silhouette grow and corpuscles reduced . Visitor movement accompanied the transition between states, between macro to micro, from near to far, the focus blurry. Introspection is movement within, accompanied by passages, search traffic lender elusive. Everyone chooses the way he looks for and finds a unique and personal experience for him, only he can see and feel and maybe even understand.

tag: software art


Ryota Matsumoto

Project: Still from Cities of Inextricable Velocities

Matsumoto’s work reflects the morphological transformations of our ever-evolving urban and ecological milieus that are attributed to a multitude of spatio-temporal phenomena influenced by social, economic and cultural factors. They are created as visual commentaries on speculative changes in notions of socities, cultures and ecosystems in the transient nature of constantly shifting topography and geology.

The artworks explore the hybrid technique combining both traditional media (ink, acrylic, and graphite) and digital media (algorithmic processing, parametric modeling, data transcoding and image compositing with custom software ).

The varying scale, juxtaposition of biomorphic forms, intertwined textures, oblique projections and visual metamorphoses are employed as the multi-layered drawing methodologies to question and investigate the ubiquitous nature of urban meta-morphology, the eco-political reality of the Anthropocene epoch, the advancement of biomaterial technologies and their visual representation in the context of non-Euclidean configuration. Furthermore, the application of these techniques allow the work to transcend the boundaries between analog and digital media as well as between two- and multi-dimensional domains.

His compositional techniques imbue the work with what we see as the very essence of our socio-cultural environments beyond the conventional protocols of architectural and artistic formalities, and that they conjure up the synthetic possibilities within which the spatial and temporal variations of existing spatial semiotics emerge as the potential products of alchemical procedures.

tag: software art

Shannon Novak 
Auckland, New Zealand

Project: Scherzando

The work "Scherzando" formed part of the group exhibition "Freedom Farmers: New Zealand Artists Growing Ideas" at the Auckland Art Gallery in New Zealand. Each work is an augmented reality intervention, revealed using a mobile device. I would like to create something similar for the festival that the audience could interact with using their own mobile devices and a free app.

tag: software art

Will Hurt
Norwich. UK
Proyecto: Automated Spatial Transformations

Automated Spatial Transformations is an ongoing software artwork that takes digitised 3d models of buildings and generatively reconfigures them- applying translations, rotations and extrusions to their constituent parts.

It operates as both an abstract geometric animation and in repeatedly proposing new configurations, a potential tool for designers and homemakers to use in envisioning new spatial possibilities.

tag: software art

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