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International Calls 2016

Anna Samsoee 
Copenhagen. Denmark

Project: Sound is Matter, Out Into the Sounds of the Cosmos

Most people consider space empty of sound. That is not the case. The cosmos is full of acoustics, vibrating matter, and now technology has made small part of it accessible to us. For the sounds from the Sun or even Jupiter to reach our recording system takes at least 68,000 thousand years.

The Video, Sound is Matter will take you on a journey into space – out to the soundscape of the Cosmos.

tag: netart

Conor McGarrigle
Dublin. Ireland

Project: 24 hour social

24hr Social is a data-driven generative video installation that questions how identities are constructed as data in an era of social media platforms that act both as authentic platforms for performances of the self and simultaneously as systems of data-collection and commodification.

This project hacks Vine, Twitter’s six second video sharing platform, appropriating a full day of data to mark 24 hours as social media performance in all its richness. Vine videos are engaging, creative, funny and often anarchic. In a very real sense they echo the creative energy of the early DIY Internet, framing the web as a space for individual creation. However, social media platforms – of which Vine is just among many – are in essence data collection systems designed to collect and sell data on their users. This project examines the tension between these opposing aspects of the platform through rendering both visible; the creative impulse that fuels 5 Vines per second and the vast accumulation of data, the personalised data-shadows that characterise the network society.

24hr Social presents a social-media-fueled Man with a Movie Camera, capturing the unfolding day across the Internet. This view is simultaneously a rendering visible of the corporate algorithmic processes that track and monitor and capture everyday life and an expression of the 'artistic' algorithms that generate the work in real-time to reframe social media as a data-driven ready made. This is evident with dual projections of the video artifacts displayed in all their kinetic hyper-active complexity alongside the thick meta-data descriptions that describe each and every one as data.

tag: netart

Mark Cypher
Project:  The river is everywhere at once

“The river is everywhere at once” is a net-art work that generates animated topographical compositions built from tweets that include the keyword landscape.

The Twitter, tweet refers to a point in time that regains new form and meaning when viewed in different contexts. The emergence of new topologies and their connotations in a tweet’s re-translation in context, is revealed in the asynchronous, overlapping and cyclical flow of our connections in different networks. The net-art work “The river is everywhere at once” references how tweets move us to a point in time that is quickly made composite, ambiguous and unanticipated through the ever changing nature of our relations in a network.

tag: netart

Santiago Meroño
Project: Ego te absolvo

Aprovecho la ambivalencia del objeto para manipular su aspecto y crear un significante capaz de cambiar la mirada del espectador. La primera imagen del gif., con las tijeras abiertas, permite jugar con el efecto sorpresa, puesto que no todo el mundo comprende el significado inicial de la obra, mucho más explícita cuando las hojas se juntan, cerrando también la explicación.

tag: netart


Project: Mind Map

This is a piece of net art, a poetic interpretation made using custom made computer code to create a software system that can been seen online through a browser. Data has become the medium of the age and it can be offers insight into the way our world is given shape and meaning.

In this case what we see are the paths traveled by all the books taken out of Milton Keynes library over the last five years. It appears as a 3d space, a hybrid map of the movements of the books to their destination. The books travel down roads and paths to roundabouts to peoples houses. The books are shown traveling to the postcode destination. This massive data visualization moves organically orbiting around the library at the center of activity. Its a hub of knowledge spreading through the town creating a new world.

tag: netart

Linz, Austria

Project: Megacorp.

Megacorp, is a corporate conglomerate inspired by its equally powerful counterparts in science fiction. The artwork is based on a collection of fake websites scraped from internet by the artist duo KairUs. These companies exist only virtually and are used by cyber-criminals for phishing attacks or to support scam stories. The Megacorp exists therefore as an umbrella company for subsidiary companies that are 100% dummy cooperations. Megacorp operates on a global scale and is constantly growing with firms represented in almost every branch of industry. The strategic objectives according to the ;Megacorp; Mission statement is to: quot;offer complete services from one source which can serve the entire market". Accordingly the subsidiary companies cover domestic and international export, real estate agents, insurance companies, law firms, security companies, banks, educational institutions, hospitals, online commerce, economic communities and ministries.The functions of "Megacorp." are presented in the form of an interim report and company visuals. The archived websites are locally available in the gallery allowing visitors to explore the current fake website repository. By examining the fake websites the artwork reflects both the imaginary and the real world ;megacorps9;, questioning centralization of power.

tag: netart
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