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- Artificial Life
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- Geospatial storytelling
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- Free Software
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- Social Networks
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- Apps development
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- Telesharing actions
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International Call 2015


Dennis H. Miller
Wellesley, Ma. USA
Produce company: Dennis H. Miller
Distribution: Dennis H. Miller

Project: On Point

On Point from point.line.plane: 3 Studies after Kandinsky.
A study in particles.


Olga Guse
Dresden. Germany!about/c10fk

Project: Journey to the Olympus

The film has two story lines. The first one shows life on Mount Olympus: the world of the Greek gods, Apollo, Athena, Zeus, Hermes and the Minotaur, and the surrounding mythical symbols. The gods rejoice, weep and interact, which means, they live on Olympus. The second story line is about the journey of a small ship to Olympus. On his way it overcomes all kinds of obstacles - from the stormy seas to mythical monsters. The ship symbolizes the fearless spirit of the hero, who throughout his life, being of good cheer, moves towards his goal, Olympus.

tag: animation


Olga Guse
Dresden. Germany!about/c10fk

Project: The Astronaut

The American astronaut embarks on a space journey. His intrusion violates intergalactic balance: the inhabitants of other planets suffer the consequences of these changes. The
disappointed astronaut returnes to Earth. And the life in space falls back into place.

tag: animation


Olga Guse
Dresden. Germany!about/c10fk

Project: An Apple for the Androgyne

Androgyne is a symbol of man born physically or mentally between the two sexes. Throughout his life, he is torn between male and female, Adam and Eve inside and outside.

t ag: animation


Sandra Araújo
Porto. Portugal
Produce company: s-ara
Distribution: s-ara

Project: Telephonophobia

Atari GameLine, sprites, gif files

tag: animation


Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik
Eindhoven. Netherlands

Project: Trans(port)(l)ation

In 2006 we started translating timetables of public transportation into scores for music boxes. This has got the form of a project with the title: Trans(port)(l)ation, where every city where the work is shown, has one or more scores presented. So far we presented timetables of Amsterdam Central Railway Station, Rotterdam CR, Utrecht CR, Eindhoven CR; Atatürk International Airport, Istanbul Busses heading for Taksim Square, Ferryboats leaving the European side of Istanbul; Zagreb trams, Times Square Subway station; Israel trainlines crossing Tel Aviv railway station in all these cities.

technicaldates: First we'll make a score based upon the public transportation of Tenerife or the Canary Islands. The work can be installed by ourselves, or we can send it by post, and include a description how to install the piece. It should be displayed on (a) table(s), so the public can play the scores by hand. Besides the score of Tenerife, we will send 2 other scores and music boxes, so the pieces can be compared with each other. The music boxes should be fixed firmly on the table with screws. It is prefered that the installation is not placed near to other works that produce sounds.

tag:data visualization


Richar Santana
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


DOSBCN studio, "GRAFFMAPPING 1.0", una pieza audiovisual donde la técnica del mapping se intercala con el aerosol y la captura de audio y video en directo. Esta suma de herramientas permiten diseñar un lenguaje que se adapta a cualquier espacio y soporte haciendo efímera cualquier intervención. Una visión renovada del graffiti a través de la interacción entre técnicas de la mano de este joven estudio de diseño formado por escritores de graffiti y diseñadores canarios con base en Barcelona.
DOSBCN studio, presents… GRAFFMAPPING 1.0 an audiovisual piece where the mapping technique is interposed with aerosol and live audio and video captures. This sum of tools makes it possible to design a language that adapts to any space or surface, leading to every intervention being ephemeral. It's a renewed vision of graffiti made possible through the interaction between techniques, courtesy of this young design studio formed by graffiti writers and designers from the Canary Islands, based in Barcelona.

tag: mapping

Tercieux Matthieu
Lyon. France

Project: You are here somewhere else

“You are here... elsewhere” is an interactive and participative installation at the crossroads of different video-graphic languages, such as documentaries, animation drawing, video games, interaction, etc. A hybrid form giving the viewer a look at the public space as an interactive space.
The creation of “You are here...elsewhere” is based on a participative process, an artistic and territorial immersion conducted with the residents.
Before the installation, workshops are organized with the residents. It gives the opportunity to place the public in the heart of the creation. Their voices, stories, graphic and pictogram works are incorporated into the installation to create an intimate and participative piece of art.
“You are here... elsewhere” deals with the relation to the territory through vertical and horizontal projection spaces.
During the exhibition, the public is invited to walk on different interactive maps, drawn on the ground, and to explore them. He is faced to a screen which reacts to his movements in real time.
Immersed in a sound space, the walkers-players create surprising animations all together: paintings, icons, testimonials and maps.
Little by little, we find out different ways to approach the area, the light... and to play with them.

tag: mapping


Meghan Mitchell
Madison. United States

Project: Assistant Professor of Art

The project Rain/fall accentuates the physicality of the book and the possibilities of contemporary mobile technology combining these seemingly disparate forms to create a complementary cross platform reading experience. Rain/fall is driven by geography and weather. The text in both the app and the book is determined by where the reader is and what weather the reader is experiencing at that location. In the app the reading experience is driven by location and weather data culled from a live database and in the book the experience is driven by the reader who inputs his or her own weather data.

tag: apps