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International Call 2014

Estíbaliz Urresola
Barcelona. Spain
Production company: Escac Films
Producers: Sergi Casamitjana
Distribution company: Agencia Audiovisual FREAK


Just two days before the regional swimming championship for which she has been training for years, an unexpected event threatens Adri's participation, and she will have to make an important decision.

Genre: Fiction
Director: Estíbaliz Urresola
Screenplay: Estíbaliz Urresola
Composer Terje Isungset
Photography: Cyprien Clement-Delmas
Camara: Pablo Aybar, Cyprien Clement Delmas
Sound: Laia Casanova
Editing: Irene Soler
Art director: Beatriz López
Makeup artist: Naiara Catalán

tag: shortfilm

Alberto Ruiz Rojo
Madrid. Spain

Production company: La Susodicha Producciones S.L.U.
Producers: Alberto Ruiz Rojo
Distribution company: Agencia Audiovisual FREAK
Project: Flash

A man enters a photo booth. He inserts some coins and
the flash fires.When the photo strip is printed and the man
looks at it, he cannot believe what he sees. Something
totally unexpected is happening.

Genre: Fiction(Real image)
Director: Alberto Ruiz Rojo
Screenplay: Alberto Ruiz Rojo
Composer: Federico Jusid
Photography: Jesus Haro
Camara: Jesus Haro
Sound: Jose Luis Canalejo, Federico Pajaro
Editing: Dávid Tomas
Art director: Sonia Nolla
Hairstyler & Makeup artist: Elena Cuevas, Natalia Méndez,
Tania Carrasco
Production´s director: Carolina Cósmen
Ayte dirección Paloma González
Special effects/ FX: Alex Bari
Etalonaje: Victor Poch

tag: shortfilm

Alonso Luján
Production company: Alonso J. Luján & Defne Enc
Distribution company: Agencia Audiovisual FREAK


After a last minute change of weekend plans, Jack
finds himself home alone and decides to clean out
the attic. Among old boxes and other familiar but forgotten
things, Jack finds more than just memories.

Director: Alonso J. Luján
Screenplay: Alonso J. Luján
Composer: Aaron Thomas
Photography: Alberto D. Centeno, A.E.C.
Camara: Alberto D. Centeno, A.E.C.
Sound: Jose Ignacio Arrufat
Editing: Alonso J. Luján
Art Director: Estefanía López Peula
Hairstyler & Makeup artist: María Jesus Torcal
Special effects: Elías Maldonado Soto

tag: shortfilm

Alvaro Pastor
Madrid. Spain

Production company: Nephilim Producciones,
Fundación Carmen Pardo- Valcarce.
Distribution company: Agencia Audiovisual FREAK


Micky is a young man who wakes up hungover one day in
bed with Elsa, a mentally handicapped young woman, and
he has no idea how he got there. Little by little he comes to
realize he is in a supervised living facility inhabited by last night?s
hookup and her two housemates. As he tries to piece the night
back together in his head, the supervisor of the group, Alicia, arrives.

Director: Àlvaro Pastor
Screenplay: Alvaro Pastor.
Composer: Fernando Lázaro
Photography: Alfonso Postigo.
Camara: Alfonso Postigo.
Sound: Miguel López y Fernando Pocostales.
Editing: Nino Martínez
Art Director: Carmen Lasquetty
Hairstyler & Makeup artist: Rebeca Khamlichi

tag: shortfilm

Antonio y Juan Castaño López
Barcelona. Spain

Production company: Antonio Castaño López, Juan Castaño López
Distribution company: Agencia Audiovisual FREAK

Project: El oscuro viajero

After having gone through a terrible accident, Daniel
feels as if something has changed. Soon he starts to perceive
the reality around him in a different way, which brings him to rethink
his own existence. He is now racing against time in an attempt to
mend the broken pieces in his life.

Director: Antonio Castaño López, Juan Castaño López
Screenplay: Antonio Castaño López, Juan Castaño López
Composer: David González
Photography: Antonio Castaño López, Juan Castaño López
Camara: Antonio Castaño López, Juan Castaño López
Sound: Antonio Castaño López, Juan Castaño López
Editing: Antonio Castaño López, Juan Castaño López
Art Director: Antonio Castaño López, Juan Castaño López
Hairstyler & Makeup artist: Antonio Castaño López, Juan Castaño López

tag: shortfilm

Arantxa Echevarría
Bilbao. Spain

Production company: Tvtec Servicios Audiovisuales S.L
Producer: Pilar Sanchez Díaz
Distribution company: Agencia Audiovisual FREAK
De noche y de pronto

Home alone in a deserted apartment building during the Christmas
season, Maria is startled to receive a visit from a desperate man
claiming to be her upstairs neighbor, whose apartment is being
broken into by thieves.

Director: Arantxa Echevarría
Screenplay: Arantxa Echevarría
Photography: Pilar Sanchez Díaz
Camara: Pilar Sanchez Díaz
Sound: Jorge Pablo
Editing: Renato Sanjuan
Art Director: Charly Ramón
Hairstyler: Rocio Cuenca
Makeup artist: Saray Rodriguez
Special effects: Edu Martín de Pinto 

tag: shortfilm

Bruno Sarabia
Paris. France

Production company: Escándalo Films
Producer: Estel Cid
Distribution company: Agencia Audiovisual FREAK

Project: Niebla
A year after their mother's death, Julio, Cleo and Edgar
return to the old family house with the intention of getting
rid of it. Inside, a dreadful discovery will push their relationship
to the breaking point, reminding them that the past cannot be sold.

Director: Bruno Sarabia
Screenplay: Bruno Sarabia, Cristina Martín, Jordi Ramoneda
Compositor: Charles Monnet
Photography: Cristina Martín
Camara: Iván Rubio
Sound: Rodrigo Villanueva
Editing: Pol Marro, Bruno Sarabia, Cristina Martín
Art Director: Laura Beltrán
Hairstyler & Makeup artist: Xavi Valverde
Special effects: Planeta Gus F
tag: shortfilm

Dani de la Orden
Barcelona. Spain
Production company: Escandalo Films SL
Producers: Sergi Casamitjana, Aintza Serra y Lita Roig
Distribution company: Agencia Audiovisual FREAK
Project: Nadador
Guillermo is 12 and never dare to dive headfirst. Nor will never say 
anything to Sarah, the girl he has always been in love. Guillermo
so, a coward, but now is ready to make the leap.

Director: Dani de la Orden rden
Compositor: Alfred Tapscott
Photography: Cyprien Clément-Delmas
Camara: Pablo Aybar
Sound: Albert Palou
Montaje: Dani de la Orden
Art Director: Eva Calviño
Makeup artist: Estel Bonet
Special effects: Salvador Santana
Others: Director de Producción: Carles Cambres

 tag: shortfilm

Esteban Roel y Juanfer Andrés
Madrid. Spain

Producers: Esteban Roel, Juanfer Andrés
Distribution company: Agencia Audiovisual FREAK

Project: Es un buen chaval
Estos jóvenes no se enteran de nada. No saben el esfuerzo y 
sacrificio que otros tienen que hacer para que ellos satisfagan
sus caprichos. Se merecen una lección.

Director: Esteban Roel, Juanfer Andrés
Screenplay: Sofía Cuenca
Compositor: Jorge Magaz
Photography: Ángel Amorós
Camara: Ángel Amorós
Sound: Miguel Carretero
Montaje: Juanfer Andrés
Art Director: Pablo Alonso
Hairstyler & Makeup artist: Sarai Álvarez

tag: shortfilm

Francisco Javier Gómez Piñero
Barcelona. Sapin
Production company: El Amigo de los peatones Producciones,
Entre Calé y
Calé PC
Producers: Francisco Javier Gómez Pinteño, Hermanos Escudero
Ortega,Víctor M. López
Distribution company: Agencia Audiovisual FREAK

Project: ¿Con quién sueña Berta?
Jonás and Alfredo have been friends since childhood. Alfredo
trusts Jonás and Jonás knows Alfredo well. Alfredo is
certain he has something that Jonás does not. Jonás
wants everything Alfredo has. Alfredo knows how to love. Jonás
does, too...

Director: Francisco Javier Gómez Pinteño
Screenplay: Francisco Javier Gómez Pinteño
Composer: Miguel Marín Pavón
Photography: Christopher Keen
CAmara: Christopher Keen
Sound: José Antonio Manovel
Editing: José María Blanco
Art Director: Antonio Estrada
Hairstyler: Fran Alonso
Makeup artist: Quique Gonar
Special effects: Juan Ventura Pecellin
tag: shortfilm
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