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International Call 2014

Denes Ruzsa
Budapest. Hungary

Project: Reflections

Variations on love between two digital dancers.

tag: videodance
  Vicent Gisbert_Berlin_Alemania
Berlin. Germany

Project: Choices

Choices es una pieza creada con el propósito de implicar al observador obligándolo constantemente a elegir, provocando que sus ojos se muevan para buscar en la pantalla. Mi intención es que estos órganos pierdan parte de su dominio, fomentando la experimentación, la imaginación y la reflexión a partir del uso de imágenes sugerentes. De este modo la relación del público con la obra no se limita solo a la observación.

tag: videodance
Kathy Rose
Philadelphia. USA

Project: The Realm o
f nothingness

This non-narrative  video is a dance of puppet-like figures, and mesmerizing forms, accompanied by percussive rhythms.  It is a magical spectacle portraying a mesmerizing world in which figures flow and drip in a universe of their own as they proceed to a greater void. The artist, enraptured by what she sees, sheds her iconographic puppetry selves, and returns to a reality.

The Realm of nothingness continues my fascination with Noh and Japanese theater with their attachment to the supernatural; enchantment and all things strange.
Some of the scenes are creating using a miniature stage.

tag: videodance
Mihaela Kavdanska
Linz/ Bucharest/ Alicante
Austria / Romania/ Spain /

Project: 4th Skin 2014

"4th Skin" is a comment on the subjects of ephemerality, self-exploration, illusion of control and manipulation, using the point of view to challenge the viewer's perception of reality.

The identity and memory of one’s body and its presence in a given context interact with the limits of the movements and the technology. The human body becomes an interface for interaction and surface for visual expression in the same time. Interdependence between performer, filming device and body projection, reveals another perspective on the relation between oneself and the world around.

Video content, captured real-time with a wireless camera is projected back on the performer’s body, creating a layer of multimedia “skin”, making visible what we see, touch or reflect. It is the "skin" created by our whole body & mind experience in relation with the world around.

“4th Skin” has been realized and premiered as real-time intermedia dance performance for one performer & a camera, at the National Museum for Contemporary Art in Romania, March 2014.
A previous version for 2 performers was presented at Ars Electronica Festival 2013.

tag: videodance

Project: Single # Double # Triple

"Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony." [Heraclitus]
"The whole is other than the sum of the parts." [Kurt Koffka]
"The body is a unit. An integrated unit of mind, body and spirit." [Andrew Taylor Still]

tag: videodance

Project: Kintsugi

Scars are links to the events that caused them. Very often these events are traumatic. Kintsugi, which means "golden joinery", is the japanese technique of mending broken ceramics with gold filled resin.

Every repaired ceramics has a unique and irreplicable pattern of golden lines due to randomness of the crushing.

This technique has its roots in the belief that the object is more valuable and beautiful with its history revealed.

Bodies also tell us their story. Some of them say it loud.

tag: videodance

Belen Paton
Madrid. Spain

Project: Belfast.Road Closed

Belfast Road Closed es una videodanza que forma parte del proyecto “Cities Interpreted (Road Closed)”. Éste es un proyecto interdisciplinar que conjuga fotomontaje, pintura y audiovisual y busca una reinterpretación de la atmósfera de diferentes ciudades, y sus características intrínsecas: la vida y arquitectura de las ciudades y el mantenimiento de su identidad en el tiempo, creando un espacio onírico a través de composiciones digitales.

Esta pieza, que cuenta con Bridget Madden como coreógrafa y performer, fue realizada en Belfast y muestra una reinterpretación artística de la vida de una ciudad dividida fuertemente por dos comunidades, que incluso separan fisicamente el espacio de la ciudad.

La manera en que se desarrolla actualmente la vida de esta ciudad, afectada gravemente por el conflicto norirlandés, y cómo el desarrollo arquitetónico de la misma ayuda a separar o unir ambas comunidades, es una de las bases de la reinterpretación de esta ciudad. Por otra parte, la danza expresa el modo de vida y la cultura generada en torno a su identidad.

tag: videodance

    Le Mask
Barcelona. Spain

Production company: Le Mask
Distribution company: Playtime Audiovisuales

Project: El tejado

Un escritor ante la hoja en blanco, en busca de su musa inspiradora. La pieza concebida como una coreografía, actúa tanto como videodanza como music clip para Nereida Fau, quien pone la música a la obra

Director: Le Mask
Director´s assistant: Sergio Hebles
Photograhy: Carlos Gómez
Editing: Le Mask y Dani García
Art Director: Noelia Secaduras
Music: Nereida Fau
Cast:  Cris Agulló, Joan Galo, Maria Berenguer, Josep Ramon Guallar, Anne Sarlé, Roser Estada, Melanie Morales, Thais Sorigué

tag: videodance
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