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International Call 2014

Jean-Michel Rolland
Marsella. France

Project: Hertzian Labyrinth

"Hertzian Labyrinth" is first of all a game designed with Processing. It can be considered as an artistic serious  game able to improve the player’s listening skills. The player has to escape a series of rooms in which he’s locked.

The player begins the game in the 150 Hertz frequency room, has to find the key in the 486 Hertz frequency room and go back to the 150

Hertz frequency room to escape.

To open the doors, the player has to match his own frequency with the one present in the room where he stands, thus training him to recognize different frequencies and improving his listening skills.

A visual help is provided by a black and white circle in the middle of the rooms.

The design of the rooms [shape of the carpets, colors of the walls, ceilings and carpets] depend on the frequency of the room.

"Hertzian Labyrinth" has been used by Alter Ego 2014's players. Those who found the way out got the clue leading them to Centre Pompidou Metz.

tag: videogames

Martin Reiche
Berlin. Germany

Project: Duality

Duality is a platform game consisting of two different but causally linked worlds: if the player moves or jumps in the first world, he also does so in the second and vice versa. Goal is to complete both worlds at the same time, while not one world can be completed without theother one.

Duality is addressing the concept of duality from science and experimentally transfers it into a video game: duality refers to the possibility to solve a problem by transforming it into an equivalent “dual” problem, often by successively solving the original problem. Inthis process, primal-dual solutions are created, which are able to solve the original problem more efficiently or accurately. The genre of a platform game is used as an archetype and reflects the simplicity of the concept.

Usual contexts are broken and the player irritated by the game design.

tag: videogame

  André Sier
Lisboa. Portugal

Project: 747.7

Stochastic, immersive, meditative war game space. 747.7 is a game + abstract flight simulator populated with drones + autonomous agents which must be taken down in order to proceed to the next level. Under a glitchy chem-trail colorful sky, drones and forts are looming. You're 747.7.

Depart from your base, destroy enemies, and land in target base, if you can evade the firefight field.

tag: videogames

Manusamo And Bzika
Valencia. Spain

Project: ARecicleNOID

ARecycleNOID es un juego de Realidad Aumentada diseñado para su uso en el entorno urbano. Mezclando lo “virtual” con lo “real” da un paso a una nueva forma del espacio físico, un espacio urbano aumentado. La interfaz de este juego se compone de ambos elementos, el físico y el virtual. Solamente es posible llevar a cabo el juego en este espacio urbano-híbrido. La lógica del juego es parecida al clásico juego de arkanoid.

Su visualización está condicionada por el elemento físico del mundo real, que en este caso está representado por los señales empleados en el mobiliario urbano, ubicado en la ciudad de Valencia y su entorno. La interfaz física, los contenedores verdes destinados al reciclaje, fue elegido por tratarse de un elemento común, que se puede encontrar en todos los barrios de la ciudad y prácticamente en cada calle. Expandiendo así las características lúdicas del espacio público a cualquier calle, cualquier barrio.. se trata de una ubicación múltiple del mismo espacio aumentado lúdico.

tag: videogames, app

  Manusamo And Bzika
Valencia. Espa?a

Proyecto: 0.1 Avian Flu

Web application we use as a GameArt -Web .

This application is the paradox where we take the media in relation to avian influenza, scaring the population. Saying, aaahhhh care coming Avian Flu? . The compared to the Spanish flu of 1918, when it actually comes to be very similar to the normal flu virus that initially has to mutate to affect humans . Actually exists a number of pharmaceutical companies that want to promote the sale of mayor number of vaccines. Using a fear and panic is the only way that the vaccines can be sold en masse through the states , and had come to increase sales by over 250%.

For more ironic designs have chosen the design made by a child under 5 years and we have transformed it into 3d characters .

The work is in a beta version ,so currently only has one level. The game itself is developed upside down than expected, the player is not a chicken that has to escape the virus, but a virus has to infect chickens, and if it infects all chickens, it wins.


tag: videogames, app

Manusamo And Bzika
Valencia. Espa?a

Proyecto: NosfeRAtu

Videojuego que utiliza tecnologías de Realidad Aumentada, basado en la película clásica de Nosferatu. Traslada el castillo donde se rodó la película de Nosferatu, a la ubicación actual de la aplicación. El juego consiste en la recolección de objetos que te permiten acabar con el vampiro virtual que persigue al usuario dentro del espacio físico.

APP para dispositivos móviles de Android

Software: Vuforia + Unity3D

Es necesaria la ubicación de una imagen de gran formato que puede variar en función del espacio que se disponga para mostrar la aplicación. 

tag: videogames, app

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